Children and Youth Faith Formation

Sunday Morning Church School

This Bible-based ministry is focused on the development of faith in God and building a relationship with Jesus.  Children through 6th grade begin in worship at 10:00 a.m. with their families.  Following a time for them on the chancel steps with one of the pastors, they are dismissed to their age-specific classrooms.  In 4th grade, each child receives a Bible to be used to guide them on their faith journey.

For more information, please contact Rev. Elizabeth Hartung.


Confirmation instruction focuses on confirming our baptismal promises by growing in our knowledge and love of God, making a commitment to Jesus Christ, and developing loving relationships in the community of the church.  Confirmation is a structured, two-year journey of faith for 7th and 8th graders that culminates with each confirmand’s affirmation of their Christian faith and full membership in GCC.

Confirmands meet each Sunday for study, exploration and articulation of various aspects of their beliefs.  In addition, students attend worship services at GCC and write reflection sheets on their worship experience. Confirmands also participate in service projects, attend retreats, and learn in fellowship with their peers.

For more information, please contact Rev. Elizabeth Hartung.


Each Sunday morning from 9:00-11:15 a.m., infants to three-year-olds are cared for in the Nursery by our staff and have opportunities for play.  The Nursery is equipped with a screen that allows parents to view the worship service while staying with their children if they desire.

For more information, please contact Rev. Elizabeth Hartung.


FISH (Faith IS Hope) is open to any children in the community in Kindergarten through 6th Grade and meets on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:15 p.m. FISH participants learn about the Bible, do interactive service projects, learn to play chimes, engage in art projects, and play in the gym.

For more information, please contact Rev. Elizabeth Hartung.

Pilgrim Youth Fellowship (PYF)

PYF is the high school youth group which provides teens the chance to explore their faith, connect with God, serve the community, and have fellowship opportunities. In today’s world where teens are more connected but more lonely, youth group provides a space to be social, learn interpersonal skills, and develop sympathy and empathy for others .

Specific activities include:

  • Weekly meetings on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings where faith themes and relevant youth issues are discussed, and the teens also have time for socializing outside of their hectic school, work, and home lives
  • Additional fellowship activities like bowling, capture the flag, scavenger hunts, and mini golf
  • Community service projects such as creating birthday bags for the Northfield Township Food Pantry, fleece blankets for the homeless, hygiene kits for new moms, and clean-up kits for hurricane-affected areas
  • A fall retreat and post-finals ski trip to de-stress and connect with faith and friends
  • A week-long summer mission trip to serve communities throughout the US – recent trips have included a Native American reservation in Minnesota; Louisville, Kentucky; Logan, West Virginia; and Marvell, Arkansas

For more information, please contact Rev. Elizabeth Hartung.

612 Club

612 Club is a combined middle school and high school fellowship time.  The club meets from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays with a focus on fellowship, faith and service.  Middle School youth have an opportunity to get to know our High School youth in Pilgrim Youth Fellowship (PYF) as they take time during their week to regroup and engage in service.  The PYFers have a chance to mentor and lead the middle school youth.  Dinner is provided.

For more information, please contact Rev. Elizabeth Hartung.