Who We Are

Glenview Community Church is a Christian community of acceptance and welcome for all God’s people. We strive to make our campus (buildings and grounds) a place of sanctuary and safety for each person who comes here. Our church community is: Inspired by Christ, Enriched by Faith, Committed to Inclusivity. We serve God as advocates for Justice, Compassion, and Peace.

History of Glenview Community Church

Glenview Community Church began as a Congregational Church in 1897 in a small house on Dewes Street.  In 1941, the Congregational Church called the Rev. Robert Edgar from Red Oak, Iowa.  With Rev. Edgar’s inspired leadership, the church voted to disband and then immediately formed a new congregation – the Glenview Community Church – on September 29, 1941.  Rapid growth In Glenview and the church continued during the war years.  Having outgrown its tiny building but due to the scarcity of building materials because of the war effort, the congregation met at different times in a tailor shop, bowling alley, civic building and field house.  During these years, funds were collected, so that in 1946, when building materials again became available, the sanctuary at the corner of Glenview Road and Elm Street was built.  Eventually, a gymnasium was added for the high school youth, a church school and office wing were constructed, and finally, the sanctuary was enlarged to its present size.

In 1953, the church launched an experiment in ministry with the addition of a four-person pastoral team to minister to its diverse congregation, including the founding minister, Rev. Robert Edgar (1941-1960).  The Senior Ministers who followed were:  the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Nye (1961-1972), the Rev. Dr. Robert Alward (1972-1989), the Rev. Dr. Douglas Runnels (1990-2001), the Rev. Dr. Howard Roberts (2002-2011), and the Rev. Dr. Charles E. Mize (2013-2021). The Rev. Dr. James M. Matarazzo, Jr. was installed as the seventh Senior Minister in October 2022.


The United Church of Christ came into being in 1957 with the union of two Protestant denominations: the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches, both of which were the result of two earlier unions.  Glenview Community Church joined the denomination in 1961, recognizing that a national and international impact could only come from a strong denominational alliance.  Members of local UCC congregations hold covenantal relationships with each other as well as with the regional and national bodies of the denomination.

Each of the historical denominations contributed to the current identity of the United Church of Christ. The UCC is a united and a uniting church.  The unity of the church is a necessary response to Jesus’ prayer “that they may all be one.”  Expressions of this unity are as diverse as there are individuals, but the common foundation is God’s love in Jesus Christ thread that runs through all is love.  In this spirit, Glenview Community Church strives to be A House for ALL God’s People!

Our forebearers in the United Church of Christ were committed to a deep personal faith guided by Jesus, inspired by the Holy Spirit and taught by Holy Scripture that is expressed in faithful social responsibility and action that extends Jesus’ ministry of healing, feeding, comforting, and freeing and that strives for justice and peace for all God’s children.

Find out more about the United Church of Christ by visiting www.ucc.org.