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tOM Amos Speakers Forum

All events are held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in GCC’s Upper Commons.  Use the west parking lot and west entrance; free admission. All are welcome!

“Spotlight: Teenage Mental Health”
Once our Covid-19 isolation began to lift, national print and TV media began reporting about the pandemic’s impact on teenagers. Those reports have since become a drumbeat of warning about what the medical and mental health communities have called one of our most pressing national health crises. To begin our new Speakers Forum series, professionals from Erika’s Lighthouse, Family Service Center, Glenbrook South HS, and Youth Services of Glenview-Northbrook will engage in a panel discussion about teenage mental health concerns—their range of causes, relevant brain science, the impact of social media, strategies for families, and local resources.

“Political Extremism at Our Back Doors: The John Birch Society in 1960s Glenview”
Late in 1964, the John Birch Society—a well-funded, anti-Communist political action group—established its Midwestern headquarters in Glenview. Over the next several months, local clergy, including GCC’s then-Senior Minister, the Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Nye, publicly expressed opposition to the “Birchers,” as they were known. Meanwhile, national news media, including The New York Times, exposed this hometown conflict to an American audience divided by Cold War politics. Susan John, co-creator of the GCC Archives and President of the Glenview History Center will lead a presentation drawing from primary sources, relevant journalism, and even a recently discovered collegiate honors thesis.

“Why Performance Psychology Matters (and Not Just to Athletes)”
We look up to professional and amateur athletes alike, amazed by how they stretch the limits of the human body. We also revere professionals who possess superior psychomotor skills and perform under intense pressure, such as surgeons, firefighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and performing artists. Though the growing field of performance psychology has its roots in physical activity, what researchers are learning has consequences for all of us seeking to improve our personal performance. Locally, Glenbrook South HS Athletic Director Tom Mietus is working to transform the landscape of expectations, best practices, and attitudes toward competition for students, coaches, parents, and the rest of us.


1st Sunday of each month

On the first Sunday of each month, we collect food items to be donated to The Northfield Township Food Pantry and San Lucas Iglesias in Humboldt Park in Chicago so please remember to bring a donation! We also need volunteers to deliver the food. A Sign-Up Genius will be available before each delivery, as will a list of needed items for donation.