Getting Involved

Worship Participation allows any member to get directly involved in the spiritual growth of the church. Whether you choose to become an usher, a greeter, a lector, serve communion, or participate in a choir or instrumental group, you will play an important part in providing an atmosphere where all are welcome to join us in worship.

Altar Flowers

Each Sunday, members help sponsor the altar flowers which are then delivered to an ill or home-bound member after worship. The flowers may be given in honor or memory of an individual. Please contact the church office if you would like to contribute to this part of worship or you can sign up here.


This team of dedicated people facilitate the needs of our congregants at worship services.  Ushers are trained and then assigned to teams for Sunday worship. If you are interested in becoming an usher, please contact the church office.


Lectors are members and friends of GCC who read the scripture during a worship service.  If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact the church office.

Communion Servers

One way that GCC members participate in worship services is to volunteer to help serve Holy Communion.  Holy Communion is celebrated during worship on the first Sunday of each month and/or at special worship services. Everyone is welcome to partake of this sacrament.  The elements are ordinarily served to congregants from trays passed through the pews but, on some occasions, are served by intinction as congregants come forward to receive the sacrament by dipping the bread in the cup.  Gluten free bread is always offered.  If you are interested in becoming a communion server, please contact the church office.