Racial Equity Challenge

The Faith in Action Team invites you to participate in our Racial Equity Challenge, where you complete one action daily, over whatever time period you choose, to grow in your understanding of power, privilege, oppression and equity. The plan we are showing below is for four weeks, but is adaptable to your schedule.

FIAT offered this challenge as a part of Lent 2021. It is adapted from Dr. Eddie Moore’s 21-Day Racial Equality Habit Building Challenge© and graciously shared with GCC by Pilgrim Congregational Church in Oak Park, and includes suggestions for readings, podcasts, videos, observations, and ways to form and deepen community connections. It can be done individually, with friends, family, or small group.

No book, article or video will be the answer, quick fix or comprehensive guide. But we encourage you to use these resources as education, encouragement, and as steps to live according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us as we grow together on our anti-racist journey!

how to participate

Every day of the challenge, choose one item from the Watch/Read/Listen to resources or one of the Notice/Engage/Act activities, depending on the week.

Watch/Read/Listen Week 1
Watch/Read/Listen Week 2
Watch/Read/Listen Week 3
Notice/Engage/Act Week 4

Tracking your progress

Tracking what you do helps you remember what you learned and also is a good tool for staying consistent!

Track and reflect on your progress by linking to this Challenge Tracking Tool.