Staff Directory

Interim Senior Pastor as of 11/1/21
Rev. Dr. Kent Ulery
847-724-2210 ext 222 Email
Associate Pastor
Rev. Elizabeth Hartung
847-724-2210 ext 233 Email
Pastoral Associate for Spiritual Life
Rev. Bobbie McKay, PhD
847-291-3591 Email
Cradle/Toddler Supervisor
Denise Morgan
Church School Resource Coordinator
Chris Calandra
847-724-2210 ext 238 Email
Minister for Music
Gary Wendt
847-724-2210 ext 251 Email
Director for Adult Choirs
Guillermo Muñoz Küster
847-724-2210 ext 231 Email
Director for Children’s Choirs
Lydia Lane Stout
847-724-2210 Email
Nursery School Director
Laura Dillon
847-724-2210 ext 237 Email
Church Business Administrator
Lucinda Fuller
847-724-2210 ext 227 Email
Facility Manager/Head Custodian
Frank Pulice
847-724-2210 ext 240 Email
Administrative Coordinator
Susan Woodsome
847-724-2210 ext 225 Email
Admin. for Communications and Media
Tania McCarthy
847-724-2210 ext 226 Email
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