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Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM in the Chapel

April 12
Join us at 9:00 a.m. in the Chapel for the Hands of Peace – Trip to Israel slideshow.

April 19
A Child of A Holocaust Survivor Speaks Out

Being the child of a Holocaust survivor can be difficult.  Who could possibly understand the horrific experience?  But one woman from the north side of Chicago learned a lesson in forgiveness that could be helpful for anyone living with fear, anger or resentment. Karen Kaplan will share her experience with us.

April 26
The Merchant of Venice and Anti-Semitism 

Nick Bubnovich's presentation will examine the stories, fables and other events that may have prompted Shakespeare to write The Merchant of Venice.  The play also requires us to ask whether Shakespeare was anti-Semitic and to examine its legacy.


May 3 -
Reliving Auschwitz

Holocaust survivor Dr. George Brent will be with us to share his experiences during World War II.  He is a resident of Willmette and a retired dentist.  He is also an active member and supporter of the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie.   There are fewer and fewer survivors like George Brent, so this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.


All God's People

Since 2010, Glenview Community Church, a member congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC) denomination, has been "Open and Affirming," embracing diversity in its congregation and community and affirming that every person has equal worth as God’s unique creation.  As GCC members seek to live out a mission living Christ's compassion that promotes inclusion and justice, GCC welcomes into its community persons of every gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, mental and physical ability, age, race, nationality, economic and social status and faith background.

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Common Ground

Common Ground returns to GCC but on a different night. Co-sponsored with our Adult Education Board, the Common Ground programs are now on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7pm in the Founders Room. $10.

April 15

Jerrol Leitner
What the Clergy Don’t Want You to Know
In a recent article, popular author Rabbi Rami Shapiro creates a list of things he says clergy would rather keep secret. For example: “Clergy have no innate authority,” “Prayer doesn’t work the way you think it does,” “Anything you claim to know about God is a product of your imagination,” and “Theology is a defense of an already-held position.” In this series, we will explore those statements – agreeing with some, disputing others, but always savoring the challenge Rabbi Rami sets before us. 

May 20
Jim Kenney
The Worst of Nationalism — ISIL, the Euro-Fascists, Boko Haram, Israel-Palestine, and the American Extreme Right

Is nationalism the “presenting problem” of our time? And if it is, why? What are its roots and what energizes it? And why is it so toxic? We’ll assume that the answer to the first question is “yes.” And then we’ll explore the roots, the extent, and the dangers of modern nationalism. Unsurprisingly, we’ll visit IS (or ISIS or ISIL) as a modern embodiment of a developing global phenomenon. We’ll touch on the role of nationalism in developing nations, in Africa, in Europe, in the Middle East, for example. But we won’t ignore our home ground. We will also scrutinize emerging poisonous nationalism in the U.S.

GCC Spirit Wear
GCC Spirit Wear
The youth are working with Energy Tees to sell spirit wear for GCC. The children and youth will use the money raised to fund their mission work. Each month the children and the youth do several projects for the Night Ministry, and other service organizations. The children and youth will get about 40% of the proceeds from the wearable items and 100% from the totes. The deadline for ordering is May 5. Click HERE to place your order.
Job Oppotunities

Join our growing congregation and its diverse and deeply spiritual musical tradition. 

The music ministries at Glenview Community Church, UCC (GCC) are a cornerstone of our worship experiences and a long-standing part of culture in the Glenview community. GCC provides opportunities for people of all ages to participate in vocal and instrumental music experiences. The music ministry is supported by our 45 member Chancel Choir, the exceptional 69 rank Buzard organ, the Pilgrim Wind ensemble, and the Joyful Ringers; a five octave bell choir.  The music ministry also reaches out to the wider community with Simple Gifts, a renowned concert series featuring musicians and groups from the across the country and around the globe.

The goal of our music ministry is to provide music which supports the scriptural and seasonal themes of our worship services while providing opportunities for people to offer their talents to glorify God and inspire others through music.

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Community Bible School

Conquering Challenges with God’s Might Power
Ecumenical Vacation Bible School
Monday June 15 – Friday June 19
 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM each evening
Ascension Lutheran Church, Northfield

At Everest VBS, children experience God’s Word in surprising and unforgettable ways!  Each night at VBS children will participate in Base Camp (opening/closing prayer and song), Bible Expeditions (drama and storytelling), Imagination Station (science and art), Glacier Games (games and recreation), and Mountaintop Treats (evening snack).  The last night of Everest VBS, parents, family and friends are invited to join us to see and hear from the kids, what they have learned all week. 





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